Update News for Your Protection

Over 30,000 Vehicles Affected BMW’s reputation as the ultimate driving machine is taking a hit lately. BMW has several recalls out right now from issues related to faulty battery cables to concerns with electrical problems that may cause unexpected stalling. Should you have these or other concerns with your ultimate driving machine feel free to get in touch with our offices for a no fee consultation.
— BMW Issues more Recalls!

In a stunning development, a class action has been filed in West Virginia Courts alleging that FORD has had as many sudden acceleration deaths and injuries as TOYOTA has had in the last ten years. TOYOTA has been made to look quite badly in our news and FORD has avoided taking any hit on the issue. To my knowledge, TOYOTA outsells FORD by a significant margin in the US and worldwide, making this even more problematic for FORD.
— Unintended Acceleration Cases – FORD against now!

Looks like a few of these beauties are have rear end issues. More specifically, tail pipes are falling off. This of course is not a good thing for your high priced status symbol.
— Porsche Recall

Just a few Super Storm Sandy ruined vehicles on a runway! One car dealer says, “Just bring a mechanic, an attorney and an accountant with you when you buy a car!” As they used to say on “Hill Street Blues” “Hey, be Careful out there!”
— Hurricane and/or Sandy damaged Cars!

What is the new Chrysler up to these days? Much of the same it seems.

This massive recall covers full size and midsize pickup trucks including Ram 1500 pickups from 2009 through 2012 as well as Dodge Dakota pickups from 2009 to 2011. Also included in the recall are 2009 Chrysler Aspen and Dodge Durango SUVs. If you have one of these vehicles do NOT wait for the failure to occur as that may be a life altering decision.
— Chrysler recalling nearly 300,000 vehicles